What Our Clients Are Saying

Randstad North America took on a significant recruiting optimization project in which we migrated to a new applicant tracking system, centralized our internal Talent Acquisition team, and re-engineered processes for efficiency and impact.  This work was over a year in duration and Elaine and her team  were with us from beginning to end.  With their daily input, support, and guidance, we were able to meet the targets for this effort.  Elaine was an extension of our leadership team during this time, engaging with senior leaders, designing solutions, and encouraging our team to think strategically and boldly.  She is versatile in her depth of knowledge in the TA space and I highly recommend any company even considering an implementation – technology or process – to engage with Beacon Lane first.  Jim Link, CHRO, Randstad North America & UK

Engaging with Beacon Lane and a Big 4 consultancy gave us the best of both worlds when implementing our global ATS.  We needed a partner who knew this space better than anyone else – and that’s exactly what we got with Beacon Lane.  Beacon Lane was hired to help oversee the design of our global ATS.  Elaine stood in as our eyes and voice – ensuring that the system being designed for UST Global would support an optimized state of recruiting.  She challenged the status quo while taking into consideration the geographical and business variances that the system needed to support.  With Beacon Lane’s input and direction, I am convinced we saved a considerable amount of time and money that otherwise would have been spent on rework post implementation. Sudhir Kumar, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, UST Global

I can’t say enough about Elaine and Beacon Lane. What impressed me most about Elaine was her ability to quickly understand our business needs, challenge the old way of thinking and build collaboration within the stakeholders to improve process. In doing so, she and her team guided us down the journey of onboarding the best ATS for our business. Without Elaine’s guidance, planning, and holding to deliverables, I’m convinced we would have spent considerably more time vetting products and in the end I’m not at all certain we would have chosen the best product for us.  One of the greatest talent acquisition minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with, hands down.   Dave Brower, President/CEO, Argus Event Staffing

I suppose the highest form of recommendation I can give is that while speaking to the leader of our own company’s People function, I recommended Beacon Lane to help us not only because of Elaine’s years of experience leading a world-class recruiting, onboarding and coaching operation at both a Big 4 and Wall Street Consulting Firm, but because of how she did it. Elaine possesses a valuable combination of vision and tactical management skills which allows her clients to achieve extraordinary results in a time frame that exceeds anyone’s expectations. Beacon Lane simply helps clients excel whether they are individuals or global teams looking to improve their performance Technology Consulting, Chief of Staff

Elaine has coached and mentored me professionally and personally for several years. She excels in her ability to listen and to use her vast experience in business to help direct business leaders at any stage in their growth. She is extremely intelligent and wise and will help you discern the best next step on your journey.  Elaine is trustworthy, loyal, and especially committed to helping HR leaders find clarity amid the noise and many moving parts.  She listens carefully and is gifted in her ability to decipher and guide clients toward next steps.  Elaine recognizes that even when consulting on business issues, the underlying objective is to develop the “whole team” to reach their highest potential, which I consider to be her greatest strength. – Professional Services HR Business Leader

I worked with Elaine both as an HR Executive and later through Beacon Lane’s consulting and coaching programs. As a Recruiting Operations and Change Management expert, Elaine really inspires you to bring your very best self to the work at hand. At times our work was challenging and there were some tough obstacles to overcome. Elaine led the way with energy and passion and helped our whole team aspire to – and reach – goals that originally seemed unattainable. She is very flexible and knows that a team is made up of individuals – individuals with their own perspectives, beliefs, goals and personalities. I saw her tailor her leadership style and adapt her approach in recognition of these differences, to great success. Elaine is very bright and has a knack for quickly sizing up a situation, understanding the desired end state, and developing a concrete action plan to get you there.  The skills and tenacity that she used as an HR Leader are what makes Beacon Lane’s consulting and coaching programs so compelling.  She has walked the talk for years and is simply gifted in her ability to move and inspire people.  Business leaders/owners who work with Beacon Lane are making a very smart and long term investment. –  HR Manager, Professional Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Elaine for several years and she is one of the most highly motivated, energetic professionals I know. Through Beacon Lane, she has dedicated her career to helping Recruiting teams achieve their greatest potential while providing sound guidance along the way.  Elaine is a passionate professional and working mother who has advanced her own career and education on a continuous basis due to her constant thirst for new knowledge. She is incredibly knowledgeable, loyal, honest, sincere, and someone you can trust explicitly – Global Campus Recruiting Executive

I worked with Elaine as my trusted advisor before, during and after significant business transitions.  She is a rare find in that she has an innate ability to navigate through new environments, establish collaborative relationships and understand the strategic business imperatives and how it impacts profitability. In addition to her business savvy, Elaine is someone who knows how to get things done. I’ve watched her in action on some of the largest enterprise transformation projects and her consistent command of the subject and leadership. The credibility she established over her career has dovetailed into the launch and growth of Beacon Lane.  I think she has found her sweet spot to blend the years of diverse business experience she brings with her natural ability to connect with HR leaders and further connect them to their goals. Elaine has advised and coached me on numerous occasions and provided a level of insight on a business and personal level that made a huge impact on my team and my own leadership skills. She is a joy to work with and I am already happy for you if you are considering working with Beacon Lane. – Recruiting Executive, Consulting Industry


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