You can’t fix your house if you don’t know what’s broken!

The first step to building a compelling Talent Acquisition strategy is to truly understand where you are today.  Whether it be with our health, home, car or another area of life, we sometimes tend to self-diagnose as opposed to looking at the situation objectively, deeply, and holistically.  When it comes to building out a smart, research based strategy, there is only one right way. You must start at the beginning.

A Diagnostic is a 6-8 week engagement that results in a comprehensive report of the risks, gaps and opportunities across your Talent Acquisition function.  It is the absolute first step toward achieving your desired outcome, in this case, a Talent Acquisition strategy that helps you hire better, smarter, faster.


The Diagnostic begins with Discovery where we gain an intimate understanding of:

  • Your people: Who are your key stakeholders and what are they saying, thinking, and feeling?
  • Your process: Where is it working for you and/or against you?  What is the delta between your current process and the desired future state?
  • Your Technology: What tools are you taking advantage of, and do they allow for innovation? Have you considered other  solutions that allow for future growth? If so, which ones? How could they be adopted and when? How will you measure success?

Recruiting Excellence 3.0™ is our proprietary framework, which enables us to take a very disciplined approach to identifying the specific gaps and needs of your recruiting function.  By the very nature of its design, we are able to pinpoint your risks and opportunities along the recruiting lifecycle in less time and with proven accuracy. The outcome of the diagnostic will be the premise for your strategic planning.


Beacon Lane believes that operational excellence is fundamental to building a thriving TA function. We have a strong view that the TA function must be operationally sound in order to maximize the benefits of any additional solutions and approach all projects with this in mind.

The Beacon Lane methodology for Operational Excellence across TA is comprised of 3 distinct building blocks:

Randstad North America took on a significant recruiting optimization project in which we migrated to a new applicant tracking system, centralized our internal Talent Acquisition team, and re-engineered processes for efficiency and impact. This work was over a year in duration and Elaine and her team were with us from beginning to end. With their daily input, support, and guidance, we were able to meet the targets for this effort. Elaine was an extension of our leadership team during this time, engaging with senior leaders, designing solutions, and encouraging our team to think strategically and boldly. She is versatile in her depth of knowledge in the TA space and I highly recommend any company even considering an implementation – technology or process – to engage with Beacon Lane first.

Jim Link

CHRO, Randstad North America & UK