How you hire is as important as who you hire

If your hiring function is broken or bent, you are losing money and talent

Beacon Lane fixes that

2X the Productivity of Your Recruiting Team


Recruiting Diagnostic + C-Suite-Ready Recruiting Strategy

The typical first step in working with us is to engage in a comprehensive diagnostic of your global TA function. We will evaluate your current team structure, examine every aspect of your current recruiting process, and assess your tech stack – where it’s helping vs. hindering your function.

Through this lens of people, process and technology, we then design you a strategy of the absolute highest caliber. This translates into removal of inefficiencies that slow your process down, transparency, clear hand-offs, elimination of key-man risk, scalability and cost savings, with the ultimate goal of upleveling the output of your team and yielding best-fit hires for your organization.

Typical client outcomes include an increase in throughput by over 30%, cost savings opportunities up to 55%, and positive trending related to critical recruiting metrics.

What you will get with a Beacon Lane Diagnostic:

  • 18-month, C-suite-ready, Talent Acquisition strategy (we are expert storytellers!)
  • Prioritized Solutions Matrix to support that strategy 
  • Redefined KPIs and SLAs
  • Critical points of risk and gaps
  • Clearly defined and detailed opportunities for further optimization and innovation


Your Fully Optimized, Successful ATS Implementation

Your ATS is at the center of your recruiting function. You simply can’t operate without it.

Your ATS implementation is an extremely visible investment that requires an acute attention to detail. It requires being 3 steps ahead to ensure that decisions you are making do not have a negative downstream impact. This is not something that can be done off the side of the desk

Most companies have failed implementations because they don’t do the pre-work. It is a mistake to automate processes as they are today. This is your opportunity to make improvements, gain efficiencies and elevate the experience for all stakeholders.

The success of your ATS implementation is also about communications, training and change management. Adoption of new processes for Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Finance and other key players will determine how successful your implementation is or isn’t.

Beacon Lane is the go-to organization for leading ATS implementations across the globe – whether multi-national or domestic. We become an extension of your team and work with all ATS providers to ensure that you have the most elegant solution.


Hands-On, 1:1 Coaching for your TA Leader

The Recruiting Leadership Program (RLP) is a highly selective, 6-month coaching program for your Talent Acquisition Leader(s).  This is a hands-on, intensive program that results in an enterprise-wide Recruiting Excellence strategy and prepares your head of TA to lead the charge.

Often, recruiting leaders are experts at recruiting but they need support in learning how to lead the function, balance innovation with practicality and garner executive buy-in. For some, this may be their first time in a leadership role of this magnitude. The skills that got them here won’t necessarily get them “there.” 

Through the RLP, we will teach your TA Leader how to:

  • Evaluate the current state 

  • Assess risks, gaps and opportunities

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Establish and track KPIs and metrics

  • Streamline processes

  • Build out the 18-month recruiting strategy

  • Design a roadmap on how to get there

  • Lead day-to-day activities with proper delegation and troubleshooting

There is no other program in the market that does what the Recruiting Leadership Program does and there is no one else who delivers quite the way we do.  If you want your recruiting leader to have the hands-on support they need to take them and your function to the next level, let’s have a conversation.


Beacon Lane is a woman-owned global management consultancy helping organizations transform their recruiting functions for optimal hiring practices and outcomes. Enterprise CHROs choose Beacon Lane for our rigor, expertise and world-class solutions, once considered reserved for larger consultancies, along with our unprecedented degree of curiosity and humanity.

We are insatiably curious about how your organization hires and even more interested in helping you achieve the ultimate goal of hiring talent of exceptional quality at the right cost. Whether it’s a full recruiting transformation, a process optimization, or participation in our Recruiting Leadership Program, we are focused on sustainable solutions. Beacon Lane provides value to our clients long before they become clients and long after our engagements end. This is who we are at the core. 

Quickly-Built Collaboration

I can’t say enough about Elaine and Beacon Lane. What impressed me most about Elaine was her ability to quickly understand our business needs, challenge the old way of thinking and build collaboration within the stakeholders to improve process. In doing so, she and her team guided us down the journey of onboarding the best ATS for our business. Without Elaine’s guidance, planning, and holding to deliverables, I’m convinced we would have spent considerably more time vetting products and in the end I’m not at all certain we would have chosen the best product for us. One of the greatest talent acquisition minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with, hands down.

Dave Brower, President/CEO / Argus Event Staffing

Best of Both Worlds

Engaging with Beacon Lane and a Big 4 consultancy gave us the best of both worlds when implementing our global ATS. We needed a partner who knew this space better than anyone else - and that's exactly what we got with Beacon Lane. Beacon Lane was hired to help oversee the design of our global ATS. Elaine stood in as our eyes and voice - ensuring that the system being designed for UST Global would support an optimized state of recruiting. She challenged the status quo while taking into consideration the geographical and business variances that the system needed to support. With Beacon Lane's input and direction, I am convinced we saved a considerable amount of time and money that otherwise would have been spent on rework post implementation.
Sudhir Kumar
Global Head of Talent Acquisition / UST Global

With Us From Beginning to End

Randstad North America took on a significant recruiting optimization project in which we migrated to a new applicant tracking system, centralized our internal Talent Acquisition team, and re-engineered processes for efficiency and impact. This work was over a year in duration and Elaine and her team were with us from beginning to end. With their daily input, support, and guidance, we were able to meet the targets for this effort. Elaine was an extension of our leadership team during this time, engaging with senior leaders, designing solutions, and encouraging our team to think strategically and boldly. She is versatile in her depth of knowledge in the TA space and I highly recommend any company even considering an implementation - technology or process - to engage with Beacon Lane first.
Jim Link
CHRO / Randstad North America & UK

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Elaine Davidson is the founder and CEO of Beacon Lane Consulting and the Beacon Lane Career Lounge.

“Before founding Beacon Lane, I spent 20 years leading, designing and implementing recruiting strategies for some of the world’s largest, most complex organizations. I loved the challenge of creating something from nothing, seeing the possibilities, and putting the countless pieces together to form an elegant hiring solution. Yet I craved being able to do this for more organizations and from a different perspective.

My vision – always – was to create a space where rigor, creativity and humanity could connect. I set out to build a global recruiting management consultancy that would bring brilliant minds together to solve the world’s most complex recruiting challenges – but one that looked different than where I came from.

Beacon Lane is that company.”

Get the support you need to double the productivity of your recruiting team

“My Recruiting Excellence consultation was like getting a recruiting PhD in an hour”  

Head of TA (4500 person organization)

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