Recruiting Excellence is not achieved by technology alone.  How we define excellence is the “right hire, for the right role, at the right time, for the right cost…every time.” It is achieved through the ideal blend of process standardization and innovation, resulting in the most aspirational candidate experience.

To determine where you are on the “Recruiting Excellence Scale” simply answer the following questions:

  • Is your process 80% standardized?
  • Are you structured such that you can scale both up and down?
  • Is your throughput quick enough to meet the demands of the business but structured enough to deliver on Quality of Hire?
  • Are your Hiring Managers completely engaged?
  • Do you have strong pipelines and silver medalist programs so that requisitions rarely start at “point zero”?
  • Do your employee referral hires hover at industry benchmarks for best practices?
  • Do you have a clear baseline and method of measurement for Quality of Hire?
  • Does your onboarding program reaffirm the new hire’s decision to join the organization?
  • Are your metrics leveraged to tell a meaningful story to your organization’s senior leadership, especially the C-suite?
  • Are you leveraging the latest innovations in technology to increase efficiencies, enhance the candidate experience, and lower costs?
While you may be  doing some of these things, there is always room for improvement.  Before you embark on optimizing your recruiting function, you need a plan.

Recruiting Excellence 3.0 ™ is our proprietary framework, which enables us to take a very disciplined approach to identifying the specific needs of your recruiting function.  By the very nature of its design, we are able to accurately define the solutions and determine how to best optimize your process and outcomes.

Customized recommendations are made based on data gathered from within your organization and from external benchmarking. Our comprehensive data analysis is used to drive key decisions related to those recommendations; including prioritization based on level of effort, resources required, and impact.  Our proven approach will eliminate any ambiguity and will enable you to continue with daily business operations as we take the lead on this effort, on your behalf.


Our engagement begins with a diagnosis to gain an intimate understanding of:

  • Your people: Who are your key stakeholders and what are they saying, thinking, and feeling?
  • Your process: Where is it working for you and/or against you?  What is the delta between your current process and the desired future state?
  • Your Technology: What tools are you taking advantage of, and do they allow for innovation? Have you considered other  solutions that allow for  future growth?  If so, which ones? How could they be adopted and when?  How will you measure success?
Should you decide to engage Beacon Lane beyond the diagnostic, we will approach the implementation of agreed upon recommendations through the continued use of our Recruiting Excellence 3.0 methodology: