Is Your Talent Acquisition Function Operationally Sound or Are You at Risk?

At Beacon Lane Consulting (Beacon Lane), we believe operational excellence is fundamental to building a thriving Talent Acquisition (TA) function.  We also believe the TA function has to be operationally sound to maximize the benefits of any additional solutions. This means you are able to scale your business without compromising quality and efficiency, while also mitigating risk to the organization.

Please complete our 15 question TA Operational Health Assessment here. It takes less than 10 minutes and your results will be emailed directly to you.

Statements should be assessed using the following scale:

1-Strongly Disagree     
5-Strongly Agree

TA Operational Health Assessment
1. The recruiting team has a clear view into the organization’s workforce plan and aligns the sourcing/recruiting strategy with the anticipated needs of the business as a result.
2. We have a recruiting process that is 80% standard and automated; we do not manually track the process and we do not have key-man risk.
3. We have one central Applicant Tracking System (ATS) across geographies and businesses in which all of our recruiting activity is managed and tracked.
4. As the TA/HR Leader, I have direct access to data & analytics to tell our recruiting story to the business and to make strategic decisions about hiring for the organization.
5. Requisitions are created by the individual who holds the relevant information about the role, avoiding duplicate data entry and lost time. Requisitions are also consistently routed for approval.
6. Candidates are sourced for the organization, not just the role, and are shared across recruiters.
7. We use a CRM/Talent Communities to build and engage with a warm pipeline of talent.
8. Job descriptions are mobile-friendly, modern, and relevant. It is easy for candidates to express interest in the opportunity.
9. Interviewers participate in interviewer training before interviewing candidates.
10. Interviewer feedback is captured and stored in one location.
11. Once constructed, offers are consistently routed for approval and there are clear escalation points where necessary.
12. Employee Referrals account for at least 30% of annual hires. Employees who refer candidates are kept informed of the process.
13. We have a very good understanding, based on data, of what factors contribute to our best quality hires and we use that information to inform our recruiting strategy.
14. We have robust reporting capability with a reliable cadence for how and when we share information with the business.
15. Candidates receive a high-touch, high-tech on-boarding experience from the moment they accept their offer. They are aware of the process, including what they need to do before and after joining the organization and there is a seamless handoff from Recruiting to HR.