About Elaine Davidson

Elaine Davidson 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Davidson, Beacon Lane Consulting (Beacon Lane) Founder and CEO, made her mark in Corporate America as an authority in Global Corporate Talent Acquisition (TA) and Recruiting Operations roles for some of the world’s finest and most prominent consulting and financial services organizations.  

With a strong financial and analytical background, Elaine quickly concluded that while there is a surplus of innovative ideas and tools flooding the recruiting landscape, there is often too little focus on the operations and processes that serve as the backbone to a thriving TA function.  After spending two decades building world-class Talent Acquisition strategies internally, she opened the doors to Beacon Lane and started bringing her depth of recruiting operations and process improvement expertise to companies across industries and geographies.  

Elaine was one of the first five people in the world to be Greenhouse certified. She is also iCIMS certified and has worked with many of the leading ATS providers in the market.  Elaine says, “My team and I have architected recruiting strategies and led enterprise-wide recruiting change initiatives for some of the world’s most complex organizations.  Now we are bringing those same blue-chip solutions to our clients. We serve as Trusted Advisors to CHROs and TA Leaders who are committed to building an operationally sound TA function that is scalable, sustainable, mitigates risk, and yields the best hires for the organization.”

Elaine earned her Master’s Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from Columbia University in New York City and her BBA in Accounting & Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She graduated from Coach U, one of the world’s most reputable ICF-accredited coaching programs, earned her certification in Conflict Resolution, and is Six Sigma certified. As an HR Executive, she led global enterprise-wide change initiatives that reshaped and advanced Human Capital agendas.

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