Beacon Lane Consulting (Beacon Lane) is a global consulting firm dedicated to helping companies hire talent better, smarter, faster. We are boutique by design, enabling us to partner with clients and serve as trusted advisors on some of their most complex recruiting challenges. The outcome is an operationally sound Talent Acquisition function that enables your team to work more efficiently, minimize risk, and yield the best hires for your organization.  With over two decades of strategic global recruiting expertise, we provide solutions that align your people, process, and technology for transparency and controlled scalability. This achieves the ultimate goal of having the power to select hires of exceptional quality in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Helping companies hire better, smarter, faster through the lens of Innovation and Excellence is all that we do. As a result, clients receive undiluted, customized, results-oriented solutions every time.

With a strong financial and analytical background, the Beacon Lane team, led by founder Elaine Davidson, helps clients make sense out of the plethora of tools and ideas that flood the recruiting landscape, all the while staying acutely focused on the operations and processes that serve as the backbone to a thriving Talent Acquisition function. Through the use of Beacon Lane’s proprietary framework, Recruiting Excellence 3.0™, clients are able to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their internal recruitment teams.

PIVOT12™ is a Beacon Lane signature program designed to help foundations and institutions better prepare college students and underrepresented populations for the job market in a deliberate, organized, and strategic manner. The content of our program is the mirror image of the recruiting process we implement for clients across industries globally. As opposed to using a career-coaching model, we have taken everything we know from over 20 years of running world-class internal recruiting teams and packaged that into a high-touch program that is a win for early professionals, the non-profits and universities who support them, and the corporations who hire them.