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About Beacon Lane

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A global consulting firm dedicated to helping companies hire talent better, smarter, faster

Beacon Lane is an HR executive search firm and recruiting consultancy serving both the private and public sectors. We are trusted advisors to CEOs and CHROs, guiding them on some of their most complex recruiting challenges, augmenting their recruiting teams, and most importantly, hiring the people who lead their organizations.

Our clients come to rely on us for market intelligence, best practices and the ability to speak the language of business, not just recruiting. With three decades in the talent acquisition space, we understand that who you hire is just as important as how you hire.

Our strategic approach to hiring and bar for excellence is in a “category of one.” Your success is our success, and your wins are our wins. We look forward to winning with you!

Let’s Work Together

Our Leadership Team

As a group of curious, forward-thinking leaders, we strive for both excellence and connection in everything we do. It is through our depth and breadth of expertise that we are able to bring practical, best-in-class solutions to even the most complex organizations.

Elaine Davidson

Founder & CEO

Elaine made her mark in Corporate America as an authority in global corporate talent acquisition and recruiting operations roles for some of the world’s finest and most prominent consulting and financial services organizations.

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Eileen Dick

Lead Solutions Architect

Eileen is instrumental in helping Beacon Lane’s clients achieve the highest level of Recruiting Excellence. Leveraging 25 years of systems and process expertise, she masterfully identifies risks, gaps and opportunities, sees a clear path forward and helps bring solutions to life.

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Kathy Rivera

Business Manager

Kathy has extensive experience supporting c-suite and senior HR leadership executives in the investment banking, brand strategy, and technology industries. At Beacon Lane, she helps to maintain operations, coordinate schedules, manage projects, and keep the day-to-day business running smoothly.

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Reginald Jackson

Lead Executive Coach

Reginald is a Marine Corps veteran with more than 20 years of service. In addition to his duties as a Marine musician and senior advisor, he also had the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in the areas of operations and logistics, curriculum development, facilitation, project management, and recruiting.

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Meaghan Williams

Client Engagement Manager

Meaghan brings to Beacon Lane a perspective and approach which balances strategic vision with tactical, practical application. While passionate about implementing strategic change, she firmly believes that lasting change requires engagement and ownership at all levels of an organization and is best when integrated in existing processes.

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In addition to our leadership team, Beacon Lane has a faculty of over a dozen coaches and an ever-growing team of recruiting and sourcing professionals. This enables us to meet the varying needs of clients across industries and geographies.