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Our proven, unparalleled approach to recruiting optimization saves time, cuts costs, and yields best-fit hires

Our Methodology

Recruiting Excellence 3.0™ is our proprietary framework, which enables us to take a very disciplined approach to identifying the specific needs of your recruiting function. By the very nature of its design, we are able to accurately define the solutions and determine how to best optimize your process and outcomes. We have used this same methodology for over a decade because it works.

  • Your people: Who are your key stakeholders and what are they saying, thinking, and feeling?
  • Your process: Where is it working for you and/or against you? What is the delta between your current process and the desired future state?
  • Your technology: What tools are you taking advantage of, and do they allow for innovation? Have you considered other solutions that allow for future growth? If so, which ones? How could they be adopted and when? How will you measure success?

How Operational Excellence is Achieved

The Beacon Lane methodology for recruiting excellence across TA is comprised of 3 distinct building blocks:


Build an 80% standardized process, with flexibility for business and cultural differences.


Implement the process with an acute focus on stabilization for controlled scalability.


Leverage best practice tools and solutions to further build a robust, best-in-class TA function.

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