Accelerate your Path to Recruiting Excellence

A recruiting transformation is for your organization if you are at the juncture of needing a new Applicant Tracking System to support a reimagined end-to-end recruiting process.

We will examine every aspect of your current recruiting process, keep what is working and completely rebuild what isn’t. The result will be a streamlined recruiting process of the highest caliber. This translates into transparency, removal of duplicate work, clear hand-offs, elimination of key-man risk, scalability and cost savings. Your team will be trained on this new process to ensure adoption.

Beyond the process, your transformation includes sophisticated solutions for your recruiting organization structure.  We will make sure that your team is right-sized and operating at full capacity.  Finally, we will oversee all aspects of your new ATS design and implementation. This is a significant lift and your highly visible implementation is guaranteed to be more successful with Beacon Lane leading the way.


Optimize Your Recruiting Process in 4 Months

Recruiting optimization is about upleveling the output of your recruiting team. This is the ideal solution for your organization if your team is not realizing their full potential – – and you are not looking to make a change to your ATS (yet).

Through a recruiting optimization, we remove the inefficiencies that are slowing your process down, minimize your risk, and identify opportunities for future automation. This is a non-negotiable for companies looking to implement a new ATS within the next 12 months. 

Most clients who engage in a Recruiting Optimization increase their throughput by over 30%, find cost savings opportunities up to 55%, and realize positive trending related to critical recruiting metrics.

What you will get with a Beacon Lane Recruiting Optimization:

  • 18-month, c-suite-ready, Talent Acquisition strategy (we are expert storytellers!)

  • Comprehensive diagnostic

  • Redefined KPIs and SLAs

  • Benchmarking against 3-6 organizations for competitive advantage

  • Critical points of risk, gaps and opportunities

  • Prioritized Solutions Matrix to support forward planning


Hands-On, 1:1 Coaching for your TA Leader

The Recruiting Leadership Program (RLP) is a highly selective, 6-month coaching program for your Talent Acquisition Leader(s).  This is a hands-on, intensive program that results in an enterprise-wide Recruiting Excellence strategy and prepares your head of TA to lead the charge.

Often, recruiting leaders are experts at recruiting but they need support in learning how to lead the function, balance innovation with practicality and garner executive buy-in. For some, this may be their first time in a leadership role of this magnitude. The skills that got them here won’t necessarily get them “there.” 

Through the RLP, we will teach your TA Leader how to:

  • Evaluate the current state 

  • Assess risks, gaps and opportunities

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Establish and track KPIs and metrics

  • Streamline processes

  • Build out the 18-month recruiting strategy

  • Design a roadmap on how to get there

  • Lead day-to-day activities with proper delegation and troubleshooting

There is no other program in the market that does what the Recruiting Leadership Program does and there is no one else who delivers quite the way we do.  If you want your recruiting leader to have the hands-on support they need to take them and your function to the next level, let’s have a conversation.

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