An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the heart and soul of a recruiting function. Without one, you simply can’t manage the process and have minimal leverage. Whether you are redesigning your existing ATS or embarking on a new ATS implementation, it is too significant of an investment to not get it right.

Implementing an ATS requires a laser focus on your end-to-end process. It is a comprehensive exercise that most Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders don’t have time for. In fact, most TA leaders are not process implementation experts. Instead, they rely on their team and create partnerships to help bring their vision to life.  

While your ATS vendor is an expert on how their platform operates, they are not responsible for connecting all of the elements that together create your recruiting ecosystem. The most successful implementations support a recruiting strategy that ties to the organization’s growth strategy. It enables you to tell the recruiting story in numbers that resonate with your C-suite stakeholders. It eliminates duplicate efforts, mitigates risk, improves throughput, is transparent, and enhances the stakeholder experience. It also takes into consideration the change effort required across the organization.

The Beacon Lane team has worked extensively with many of the leading ATS  providers.  

At Beacon Lane Consulting we are sought after as “the” independent advisors for ATS implementations. Clients hire us to think 3 steps ahead, see things from all angles, and ultimately, ensure that their highly visible ATS investment is a success. We are industry and system agnostic because we understand the fundamental requirements for a successful implementation regardless of the business you are in and the platform that you choose.

We offer 3 options for ATS implementation partnerships, enabling clients to select the solution that best meets their business needs, size, and budget. While we can deliver any of the 3 solutions regardless of your company size, below is a general guideline.

SilverLocal/regional organizations; recruiting team of 5 or less; simple workflow; commoditized hiring

Gold: Regional/national organizations; recruiting team of 15 or less; hiring for more than 2 business functions; blend of commoditized hiring and niche roles

Platinum: National/global organizations; recruiting team of 16 or more; multiple businesses and levels of hires; complex organization structure; enterprise-wide impact

If you are implementing a new ATS, or want to enhance the one you already have, we invite you to speak with us first. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.