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When your company is very small, you can often rely on referrals when you need to hire someone. Growth is tight-knit. The people you bring in are usually ones you know or are colleagues of ones you know. But as soon as your company grows beyond that initial handful of team members, growing right requires a sophisticated level of recruiting leadership that will allow you to not only define your culture and goals but also to attract and recognize the right talent. 

It Takes More than Just a Help Wanted Ad

There are so many people looking for work that a help wanted ad will simply inundate you with applicants, providing no real ability to discern who is a good fit. Since it’s unlikely that your recruiters are going to sift through 500 (or 5,000) résumés, your talent pool will be limited to the first 20-25 reasonably qualified applicants – or fewer – that come across your recruiting leader’s desk.

Will you find someone to hire? Probably. Will you find someone to hire who is not only a good fit culturally, but brings skillsets to your organization that will be beneficial both now and later? Unlikely. 

Good Recruiting Begins with Developing a Powerful Recruiting Strategy

A powerful recruiting strategy is not just a checklist of ideal candidate traits. It’s a deliberate plan that aligns with an organization’s overall culture and goals. It identifies current and future talent needs. And it becomes a blueprint for growth, hiring, development, and retention. It becomes part of a company’s foundational structure. 

Good Recruiting Requires Great Recruiting Leaders

A great recruiting leader does more than hire the right people. Recruiting leadership requires the ability to develop a strategic plan, obtain executive buy-in, manage and lead change, and motivate the recruiting team. It’s an influencer position. Your recruiting leader drives the success of an organization. Becoming a great recruiting leader takes time – and guidance. That’s where Beacon Lane’s Recruiting Leadership Program comes in. 

What Is Beacon Lane’s Recruiting Leadership Program?’

Our Recruiting Leadership Program (RLP) is designed to help new and experienced recruiting leaders gain the knowledge and experience they need. The result is a leader who can lead a team of recruiters, develop a strategy that saves you money, and attract the talent that grows your organization. This six-month, hands-on, 1:1 coaching for your TA leader results in an enterprise-wide recruiting excellence strategy while preparing your head of TA to lead the charge. 

Through the RLP, we will teach your TA leader how to: 

  • Evaluate the current state
  • Assess risks, gaps, and opportunities
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Establish and track KPIs and metrics
  • Streamline processes
  • Build out the 18-month recruiting strategy
  • Design a roadmap on how to get there
  • Lead day-to-day activities with proper delegation and troubleshooting

There is no other program in the market that does what the Recruiting Leadership Program does. There is no one else who delivers quite the way we do. So if you want your recruiting leaders to have the hands-on support that they need to take them and your recruiting function to the next level, let’s have a conversation.