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Planning your HR strategy for the next year (or five) is no longer something to think about; it’s something to take action on. If your HR and leadership teams haven’t already started planning for the near and distant future, it’s not too late. But it is time to act. 

Take action on technology: Cloud-based tech, AI, and robots are the latest necessities in efficiency. By moving mundane data-driven work away from employees, you free them to increase productivity in other areas. What is your HR role as you vary the way technology increases productivity for your business? Do you have a standard, stable recruiting process in place that allows you to implement the necessary technology to support your recruiting team? Poorly implemented technology is worse than having none at all.

Take action on employee growth: As the human-to-automation ratio shifts, what processes are in place to make sure your employees adjust to the changes? Trends point toward increased employee loyalty where professional development is a prime focus. Provide opportunities for your employees to gain new skills and knowledge so that they continue to not only add value to your business but to feel their value as well. Not only do these factors help you retain valuable talent, they encourage the acquisition of valuable talent. 

Take action on flexible thinking: Many leading companies are thinking through how changes to the value chain can increase the bottom line for their businesses and for their employees. These changes, such as relocating, can be significant; or they could be small changes in roles and assignments that better leverage each person’s strengths. For HR, it may mean changing the very definition of talent in their organizations – from recruiting, to the skills they need to determine how and where work is done.

Are there core skills and knowledge, abilities, and proficiencies that are necessary for your company to succeed?

How might those factors change over time and with added or different uses of technology?

Keeping up with changing job descriptions and the creation of vital new roles is non-negotiable when thinking about the future

The time to think about where HR has been, where we are now, and where we need to be in the future to best provide a whole, supportive, human environment is now

Achieving Recruiting Excellence

At Beacon Lane Consulting, we define Recruiting Excellence as the right hire, for the right role, at the right time, for the right cost…every time. While this concept often seems ambitious, we continue to help clients work towards this through the ideal blend of process standardization and innovation, resulting in the most aspirational candidate experience. If you are looking for a way to straighten out your “bent” internal recruiting process, get in touch. We’d love to help.