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Automating recruitment is inevitable. Cutting-edge technology can be a wondrous tool for improving efficiency, better identifying business needs, and even helping develop strategy through data analysis. But technology without humanity does enormous damage to the recruitment process. Technology is useless if there is no person behind the scenes making sure it’s being used properly.

Automation without Strategy Is a Disaster

Any automated process is vulnerable if those involved don’t care enough, but the recruitment process can be especially vulnerable if there is no strategy to underpin your technology investment. Remember: At the end of the day, you’re not hiring a machine but a person, and no candidate seeks an impersonal, automated, out-of-touch experience. Every candidate wants to feel seen as an individual, recognized for their unique talents, and appreciated for what they potentially bring to the organization – and they deserve to know why they were chosen and why they weren’t.

If your automated recruitment system doesn’t have real people – and real thought behind the implementation of it – you will not attract the best talent. You will experience higher turnover rates. You will hire people who don’t fit your company culture, or worse, hire people who negatively impact your culture. Behind every automated recruitment system are real people who care about the outcome of the process beyond just simplification.

Recruitment Is Still a People Process

Automating the recruitment process is a necessity for organizations that need to compete for talent, but at its core, recruitment is a people process. The consequences of not caring – of not putting a human face on the process – are immense. No matter what technology is involved, people still must be at the very heart of any recruitment process. Even simple follow-up messaging, such as sending a “Thanks for coming to the interview” email, can lack authenticity and warmth if it is a computer-generated, impersonal message.

We believe that the recruitment process must be designed to ensure that every party understands their part in it. Great candidates can slip by when the people behind the process are not engaged and involved enough. Everyone must understand how their actions and attitudes impact the candidate relationship before automation can function effectively.

It’s more than just caring about the process; it’s even more than taking an active role in identifying and cultivating the skill sets and personalities that are necessary to meet the organization’s needs. It’s a firm commitment to giving every candidate the opportunity to show their worth and making sure they have enough information about your company and culture to make the right decision for their own future.

Automation Cannot Replace the Human Touch

Automating recruitment can speed up the process of sorting through the thousands of candidates who seek a position. It can help you keep track of where each candidate is in the process. It can make sure communication is handled efficiently and that each candidate is given a standardized experience on a level playing field. It can help you establish and maintain the roles each internal stakeholder must play in the process. But automation cannot replace the human touch. You can have the most efficient technology in place, but if you don’t have a candidate-friendly recruitment process with a human side, it is all but worthless.

At Beacon Lane Consulting, we define Recruiting Excellence as the “right hire, for the right role, at the right time, for the right cost…every time.” While it often seems ambitious, we continue to help clients work towards this through the ideal blend of process standardization and innovation, resulting in the most aspirational candidate experience. If you are looking for a way to straighten out your “bent” internal recruiting process, get in touch. We’d love to help.

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