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The people you want for your company may not even be looking for a job right now. So how do you attract them to your organization and how do you become competitive enough to lure them from their current jobs? In today’s modern recruiting era, it’s tougher than ever to attract the talent you need, but there are ways to enhance your recruiting efforts.

Improve Internal Referral Programs

Presumably, the people you have working for you understand what it takes to succeed at your organization, so encourage your existing staff to refer people. Make it easy for them to do so and make it worth their while (consider the cost of recruitment and the benefit of having a recommendation handed to you).

Focus on Job Descriptions

In more cases than not, job descriptions are not only lackluster and fail to entice the best talent, but they are also inherently ableist and sexist. Hire an expert to help you create job descriptions that not only make people want to work for your company but also reach a broader spectrum of potential hires. One such company to consider to help you with this is Ongig

Social Media Is in Play for Recruiting

You have to do more than post job openings to your website. In addition to making sure you have a website that reflects your culture, a good rating on Indeed and Glassdoor, and a way for people to quickly and easily apply, you’ll need to extend the reach of your assignments by sharing them on social media. Even more powerful is when you can get your staff to share company posts on their personal social media accounts.  Also remember that if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000.

Foster Recruiting Excellence

To truly compete for the best talent, you need to have a standard, stable recruiting process. Your organization must also reflect the values today’s employees seek: sustainability and people-centered leadership. You must have processes designed to not only attract talent but to build a talent pipeline. In other words, even the people you don’t hire who are otherwise excellent talent should be cultivated for future openings.

Modern recruiting excellence takes more than just posting a job and reviewing a pile of résumés. Your recruiting process is the foundation upon which your culture is built. How you approach recruiting can play an enormous role in your company’s success.

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